Pasha Hawaii

Pasha Hawaii is a car carrier organization you can trust to provide automobile transport by enclosed and open trailer move carrier. Whether a client is relocating household, shipping off a college student, buying a car from someone out of the area, or spending part of the year away from home, we are ready to make the process happy, easy, and stress-free. The customer support teams are a group of polite staff who are devoted to deliver high standards of customer service and satisfaction to create your vehicle transportation easy.

The company knows that customer satisfaction cannot be achieved solely with policies, posters and phone calls. This is why most of the employees, from the sales company to dispatch masters, possess an attitude and mindset focused on reaching our customer's demands.

Just because auto transportation businesses know that people don't have a ton of other options, does not mean that they should overcharge for the service, we keep this in mind when setting our prices, and you will be pleased to find that the prices are fair and affordable. The team of Pasha Hawaii looks forward to working with you and your operation to provide you with the integrity, client care, and value that you need from a vehicle relocation service.

Pasha Hawaii has the largest vehicle relocation and car shipping network in the industry. Pasha Hawaii has 40 locally owned and operated offices offering vehicle transporting for those traveling to Florida and other warm weather states, those purchasing vehicles online, RV owners and our largest customer market, which is the corporate fleets, needing to relocate automobiles as well as vehicle leasing and management companies.

There are thousands of auto transportation organizations out there, but at Pasha Auto Transport there are more than 40 years of experience in the vehicle transport industry. They're the most effective car carrier business in the industry and they know it.
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