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Orlando is a densely populated city with a toll of more than two hundred thousand. The city is located in the state of Florida, with an estimated population growth of more than 18%. Orlando generally experiences a warm sub tropical climate and remains the same throughout the year.

The city is extensively known for as an entertainment hub with big entertainment parks like the Universal Studios and the Disneyworld and thus also sees a year long footfall of tourists from all corners of the world. This rise in tourism and other entertainment based businesses had led to the rise land cost and real estate. Businesses venturing with Office Space Orlando have lot of growth opportunity.

Despite the economic meltdown and market lowdown in the recent years there has been a decent increase in the real estate sector of Orlando. An average office space would cost around $15-$25 per square foot. While the real estate sector might have suffered some loss in the past, industry experts foresee bright prospects in the future. Downtown Orlando, which is characterized by cheap hotels, hostels and motels along with office spaces is also seeing great development plans especially as a unified platform which will bring together residential and the commercial aspects together. Many investors from the surrounding cities of Miami, Tampa Bay, and Fort Lauderdale etc. are looking forward to this conglomerate.

The tourism industry is the real soul of the city and also the main income generator. The real estate sector’s appeal lies not only in the benefit of its tourists but also for the betterment of its civilians. As it ranked as one of the most popular places to live in the States; many people have already flocking it
for business purposes. Apart from this, annually there are hundreds of events and conferences taking place in the city, and providing places for these events can become a profitable outing for the real estate sector.

Orlando is also lately becoming a hub for the technology industry which is estimated to grow to a size of 15 billion dollars by the year 2014. With the advancement, many start-ups have already started to look for places to operate. Many internet companies from all over the world are setting up their offices here. All these would ultimately shoot up the prices of Office Space in Orlando. So if you have an enterprise and Orlando is your favoured destination, start booking today.
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