Rainbow Vacuum

A Review of Your Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet cleaning is usually a tedious task for most people. Getting the right cleaner product will thus go a long to help such people with filtering out the dust, germs, pollen, smoke and dust mites from their rooms.

Here are the pros and cons of using a rainbow vacuum:

Offers a perfect filtration to your carpets- this vacuum cleaner traps all kinds of odor and smells including cooking odors, pet odors, mold and bod smells among several others. No smell or odor passes through the machine untapped. This actually makes one of the main reasons why you need to consider this type of vacuum as your next purchase.

Rainbow vacuum are bagless- this makes them ideal in suction no matter how dirty the water gets, all the dirt is trapped allowing the air to pass out through the exhaust. You can lose suction if you are using the latest vacuum models like the E-series with a HEPA filter on the exhaust to trap all dirt from water including dust, concrete dust and powder.
Instead of worrying yourself, it is simple to solve this problem; just add some vinegar to the water tank and the problem is solved as this breaks the surface tension of water making the dust to absorb into the water. You only need to replace HEPA filters of the E-series vacuums from time to time for maintenance purposes depending with how often you vacuum your room.

This vacuum cleaner is quite economical and practical to use- this is enhanced by the fact that you do not need to replace the bags from time to time. This helps you save a good amount of money in the long term. The vacuum is also easy to clean its water reservoir by removing the water canister and dumping the dirty water before putting it back.

You need a vacuum cleaner that adds humidity to your room. That is exactly what rainbow vacuum will do for you; deodorizing the air in the room.

Among the cons of the rainbow vacuum include, dumping the water after every use. This is because the water has a stingy odor if left to stand for just a few days because the water is very dirty. If the water is left in the vacuum tank for a while, it may also evaporate rusting some parts of the motor which means breakdown to your machine and also preventing you from claiming compensation from your warranty.

The vacuum has been rated as one of the best in the market because of its effectiveness in cleaning but the reality is that the vacuum cannot hold a beating or fall down. This is because the vacuum is made of pure high grade plastic which is not thick enough. It is also not meant for commercial purposes.

Because it costs really a lot, you need to take maximum care for it.
This powerful rainbow vacuum with a powerful suction and environmental friendly is worth your home investment. Besides the few setbacks, it is simply the most ideal for your home use.

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