Discover Uses of Self Hypnosis

Discover Uses of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a form which is self induced. You use self-suggestions, also called auto suggestions, to induce and hypnotize yourself. 4 steps are needed for self hypnosis to take place:

1. Motivation - This is a key ingredient. Without this, you will not be able to hypnotize yourself. Of course, you should have a strong reason and interest to perform self hypnosis. To increase your motivation, you need to find out the uses of self hypnosis. There can be many benefits to doing it.

2. Relaxation - You should be completely relaxed - physically and mentally. You should not be disturbed while performing this self hypnosis.

3. Concentration - another important requirement for self hypnosis.

4. Directing - This is an optional part of self hypnosis. This is when you direct your focus or self-hypnosis sessions towards a specific target or goal. If you don't direct towards anything, you can still achieve some benefits of a hypnosis session like relaxation etc. However, for maximum benefit, you need to direct the focus towards something specific you would wish to achieve.

What are the uses of self hypnosis?

First of all, you can use it for managing or overcoming stress, ending addictions, goal achievement, changing your behavior or habits, ending bad habbit patterns or beliefs, boost energy levels, improve mood, improve sports or work performance etc. There can be many positive uses of self hypnosis. Also, you can use affirmations while in a state of a trance. It is said that when you make self-suggestions (affirmations) in hypnotic state, these affirmations can have a stronger effect on you than when you do it in a normal state. You can read more about self hypnosis at - formation hypnose

There are obviously many people who believe and those who don't believe in self-hypnosis and its effectiveness. You can give it a try as it is usually gentle and harmless process. However, if you are doing it yourself, it may take you some time ranging from a few days to few weeks of practice to get accustomed to the process and derive benefit from it. Initially, you may find it hard to do it and you might be worried whether you are doing it properly or not.

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