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This is an online GMAT test preparation service course that sets a standard for low cost test preparation. The tests of this course are well designed and user friendly for everybody but with challenging questions and explanations like no other in the industry. With amazing graphics, the course is easy to read and enjoy funny and well written content. Are you looking for an extensive course online? You have finally come to where you are supposed to be. This is a highly intuitive and effective product for you on your test day. It is really worth your money.

Advanced Version Featuring Beyond a Typical GMAT Course

The 800score is a worth product with exceptional value for you as it comprises of amazing features than can be found in a typical GMAT textbook. Also because the 800score GMAT Review tests are computer adaptive, it allows content to be obtained online at a relatively cheap price or cost-effective. In case you want to use the content offline, you can also download it for use later.

Features of 800score Tests

Explanation and scoring
Every test has a score at the end in percentile so you get a chance to view a complete explanation for the questions before printing them out

Test pacer
This is a feature that enables you to know the next question in line to be answered so that you can complete the test in time. This will thus help you in determining the pace at which you need to work so that you can be in time finishing the test.

Computer adaptive test
This is a feature that sets out questions depending with your skill level. This will be told by the manner in which you answer previous questions. If you get more questions right, the test tends to get harder and harder and the opposite is true.

Auto save and recall
Results to all questions are automatically saved at any point in the test. This means you can recall the test from wherever you left last time.
Performance analysis
This depends with the time spent in answering a specific set of questions. Evaluation is critical in any kind of test and 800score sure provides this.

This is crucial so that you determine the pace of working in your GMAT tests. In case your time expires, you can switch it off and continue with the test. There are more features but from the illustrated features, you can easily tell that 800score tests are far much the most user-friendly in the industry.

With a big flash format, easy to read and fast to download features, there is nothing more you can think of. You can as well print out the explanations to every question for offline reading so that you don’t spend extra time staring at the computer screen.

From the many feature of 800score, the course is crucial for use in AWA essay preparation, online essay grading, sentence correction, verbal preparation and essay preparation among others. With this level of material and service provided in 800scorethe bar has tremendously been raised for all potential GMAT students offering them various benefits including the comprehensive material.

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